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The Edge Skatepark Facts and Questions


Q. Are scooters/bikes allowed at The Edge

A. No. We are insured for skateboarding and inline skates only. We do have a few free rental boards out if you would like to give skateboarding a try! For a place to scooter the North End YMCA is a great option.

Q: What do I need to skate?

A: Before you skate you need a waiver form filled out. If you are a minor your parent/guardian must do this for you. You must wear a helmet with the strap fastened under your chin and you should bring your own skateboard. You can find the waiver at the top of our website.

Q: Is the skatepark accessible to me?

A: We will do everything to help accommodate your needs to come skateboard. We understand that there are barriers such as money, equipment, physical challenges, social comfortability, and more. We would be pleased to help make a way for you or your group to use the park as you are able! Contact us for inquiries.

Q: When is the edge skatepark open?

A: Always check out the HOURS on this website for the most current information. 

Q: How much does it cost to skate?

A: Free


Q: How do I rent the skatepark?

A: The skatepark is available for rent. Email for availability and pricing.


Q: Why do I have to wear a helmet?

A: Insurance. The edge skatepark is bound by our insurance. No, it’s not awesome, but it’s the way things gotta be. Respect the rules.


Q: Do you have skateboards for rent?

A: No. Skateboards are prone to break and chip and we haven't organized that as of now. Everyone must bring their own skateboard.

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