The Edge Skatepark Facts and Questions


Q: How old do you have to be?

A: We have skate times for all ages! All sessions are divided into age categories (except for girls night). So check out the hours page to see when it’s your turn to come skate!


Q: When is the edge skatepark open?

A: Always check out the HOURS on this website for most current information. We run skate sessions in the colder months and skate camps in the warmer months. 


Q: What is summer camp?

A: Skate camp is for those who are just starting and those who have already been skating for many years. We have summer camp for ages 10 and up this year (summer 2020). We run skate camps at our skatepark as well as skate camps at outdoor skateparks which don't have an age limit. Registration is on our website in the spring.


Q: How much are sessions?

A: Ages 12-17 pay $2. Ages 18+ pay $5. We also have a work for trade opportunity if you aren’t able to cover the entry costs. Maybe help sweep the park, shovel the front steps, help take out the garbage. Just let us know and we’d be happy to make a “trade”.


Q: Can I rent the skatepark?

A: Yes! The skatepark is available for rentals on sundays. There are four time slots. 12pm-2pm, 2:30pm-4:30, 5pm-7pm, and 7:30pm-9:30pm You can book a rental on our website HERE

Q: Why aren’t bikes and scooters allowed?

A: The skatepark is only insured for skateboards and inline skates. For a place to scooter the North End YMCA is a great option.


Q: What do I need to skate at the skatepark?

A: You must wear a helmet, bring your OWN skateboard and a waiver must be filled out. We provide helmets. You can download and fill out a waiver HERE.


Q: What is a grom session?

A: The term comes from sufing origonally "grommet, or grom' and is a young partipant in extreme sports. Our Grom session is time for skaters ages 0-11 to skate. These are not skate lessons but a time of free skating. We do have staff that are helpful and willing to give skate tips, but are not expected to offer undivided attention. Those coming with their Grom are encouraged to participate with them in the skatepark.


Q: Are girl sessions exclusive to women?

A: NO! Girl sessions are open to all who identify as a female regardless of body type. All genders are welcome at all other sessions, but we leave girls night for ladies only!


Q: What are club nights?

A: Club nights are intentional discussion/community building times for skaters by skaters. They function like a 'church' for skaters. We often share God talks, skaters highs and lows of their week, and pray. We have three club nights. Mondays OPC (Old People’s club), Tuesdays junior club. Wednesday Break bread and shred. All of our club nights are free and optional.


Mondays are an 18+ “Pizza and real talk” from 8-9 upstairs in the club room in the winter, and an outdoor gathering in the summer usually from 6-8pm. Locations vary (follow our instagram). It is an opportunity for older skaters to get together and share how their lives are going, and learn from each other. It is an open, friendly and accepting place for all. 


Tuesdays junior clubs are at 8:30 upstairs in the club room in the winter, and outdoors in the summer usually from 7-9. Locations vary (follow our instagram).


Wednesdays is our staple Edge Club, aka: “Bread Bread and Shred” and happens from 4-7pm in winter. We skate from 4-5:30, then head upstairs for a meal, followed by a “God talk”.  We then split up into a few small groups to chat more about what was shared. Then back skating by 6:15. In summer we host at various locations (follow our instagram)


Q: Who is allowed to come to Wednesday club night?

A: Club night is intended for skaters ages 12-17. However if your older and want to come hang you're more than welcome! (Don't forget about OPC)


Q: Why do I have to wear a helmet?

A: Insurance. The edge skatepark is bound by our insurance. No it’s not awesome, but it’s the way things gotta be. Respect the rules.


Q: Do you have skateboards for rent?

A: No. Skateboards are prone to break and chip and we haven't organized that as of now. Everyone must bring their own skateboard.